Fix iPhone 15 Battery draining issue

How to Fix iPhone 15 Battery Drainage Issue

Battery drainage is a big headache for iPhone 15 users. All iPhone users are facing the problem of battery drainage. You can save your battery by updating your software and optimizing the low battery leverage to keep your phone battery protected. Closing superfluous apps and turning off the continuous location services. 

If you are facing the same problem and your iPhone is switched off before you finish your important task, don’t worry and stick to this article. We are going to explain to you how to fix the iPhone 15 battery-draining issue, and if you want to get help from any expert, you can go and check phone repair shops In Hamilton.

Let’s explore these in detail in this article.

How to Address iPhone 15 Battery Drainage

Several factors may contribute to your iPhone 15’s battery drain. If you want to counter these issues, we’ve curated a set of measures for you to safeguard your battery life.

Update and Reboot Your iPhone 15

As your iPhone 15’s battery drains unusually fast, the initial step is to power down your device, allowing it a brief break, and then initiate a reboot. If you keep on updating your phone, it can also make a difference. If battery woes persist, consider updating to the latest iOS 17 software.

Leverage Battery Charge Optimization

Your iPhone 15 includes a charge optimizer feature that protects against overcharging by automatically halting the charging process at 80%.

Activate Low Power Mode

When you Enable low power mode, it offers a multitude of benefits, such as:

  • Dimming your screen
  • Easing battery strain,
  • Closing unnecessary apps,
  • Maintaining low power mode remains active until your battery reaches 80%.

Close Superfluous Apps

The unwarranted background apps can be a major contributor to rapid battery reduction. Close them down to ensure your iPhone 15’s longevity.

Monitor App Battery Consumption

Inspect the battery usage of your apps. It would help if you uninstalled power-hungry apps that you don’t frequently use. For essential apps, ensure you have the latest versions installed.

Turn Off Continuous Location Services:

If your iPhone 15 keeps location services active constantly, deactivating the apps can be instrumental in conserving battery life.

Adjust Brightness Settings

If you’re familiar with high screen brightness, consider enabling auto-brightness or manually reducing it to save precious battery power.

Disable Battery-Draining Features and 5G

The features like 5G connectivity and ‘Raise to Wake’ can be substantial battery drainers. Deactivate them when not in use.

Seek Expert Assistance

If your iPhone 15’s battery troubles persist, reach out to the experts at a Phone Repair Shop in Hamilton. They’ll quickly and effectively resolve your problems, freeing you from the hassles of iPhone 15’s battery issues. 

If your cell phone isn’t functioning correctly, relax! At Evo Repairs, one of the top phone repair shops in Hamilton, Ohio, we’re dedicated to providing high-quality repair services. From screen and phone battery replacements to charging port fixes, our skilled professionals are here to meet your phone repair needs with excellence.


Q1. What are the benefits of enabling Low Power Mode on my iPhone 15?

A: This is helpful if you enable low power because it helps to extend the life of the battery and make the performance of the device better. 

Q2. Why should I consider professional help from a Phone Repair Shop in Hamilton for persistent battery problems?

A: A professional phone repair shop will help you provide an expert solution. It also provides a warranty, and it uses genuine components to fix the problem.

Q3. How can I prevent overcharging and protect my iPhone 15’s battery health?

A: Make sure to use Apple-certified accessories, unplug when your iPhone is fully charged, and avoid extreme temperatures. 


If your iPhone 15 is losing battery quickly, and it turns off, you can try the tips that are mentioned in this article or get help from experts at a phone repair shop in Hamilton. We have curated here to help you solve this problem so that you can keep using your phone without any interruptions. We have written the helpful solutions.

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