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Phone Screen Not Working

Phone Screen Not Working: Solutions From Phone Repair Shops

Is the touchscreen of your Android handset broken? Here are some solutions to work around or fix a faulty touchscreen. Your Android phone’s touchscreen malfunction isn’t necessarily due to faulty hardware. There are many things you can try before seeking professional assistance from Phone Repair Shops In Hamilton if your phone’s touch screen frequently malfunctions or is unresponsive. Contact Evo Repair if you are looking for reliable repair solutions.

Phone Screen Not Working: Fixes From Phone Repair Shops

If your Android touchscreen is not functioning, try the following remedies. Or visit Phone Repair Shops In Hamilton for help.

Is the Touchscreen on your Phone Truly Broken?

If your phone’s touch screen isn’t working, you should first rule out the possibility of a software bug. You can check this by taking a few troubleshooting steps.

Reboot your Phone

Rebooting can seem like a pointless cure for such a complex problem. On the other hand, it’s frequently one of the best solutions for fixing an Android touchscreen that isn’t responding. Your phone will restart, stopping and refreshing any background services that may have crashed and caused your problem. When the power menu appears, press and hold the Power button to bring it up. If you can, tap Restart.

For most devices, you may turn off your phone by holding down the Power button for a few seconds if you are unable to touch the screen to pick the option. You might occasionally need to press and hold both the Power and Volume Up buttons simultaneously. If you are unable to do this yourself take professional help from a Local Phone Repair Shop.

Start in Safe Mode

You might be able to restart your phone in safe mode if your touch screen is only intermittently not functioning. With all of your installed services and apps removed, Android’s safe mode enables you to use your phone exclusively with the stock software that came with it out of the box. If your display functions normally in safe mode, third-party software is probably to blame for this issue.

Press and hold the power button on the majority of new Android handsets to activate the safe mode. Touch and hold the Power off button on the ensuing prompt. When the opportunity to enter safe mode appears, select OK, and your phone will resume shortly. Restart your phone normally to get out of safe mode. Or hire Smartphone Repair services for help.

Examine Your Display.

You can find a variety of apps on the Play Store that could assist you in identifying your display problems if you’re scratching your head and thinking “Why is my phone touchscreen not working?” They are intended to identify precisely what is wrong with your phone’s touchscreen. We advise using one merely called Display Tester.

Launch Display Tester and navigate to the Tests tab. You have the choice to test a variety of factors here. The program can identify dead pixels, burn-in on OLED screens, the accuracy of the contrast and saturation, the presence of multi-touch, and more. Touch-based checks that yielded positive findings should prompt you to review all recently downloaded applications or to think about doing a factory reset. Your touchscreen worked as designed in a unique situation, hence the most likely culprit is third-party software. Or ask a Samsung Phone Repair in Hamilton to repair your touch screen.

Get Rid of the Screen Protector

A screen protector is frequently used on smartphones as additional protection against drops and dings. But the identical piece of glass or plastic can be in the way of your touch signals getting to the display panel. Consider taking off the screen protector if your phone’s screen has recently started acting up. Naturally, this does not ensure a resolution. On a screen that is already weak, though, it might boost response rates.

Enhance the Latency of the Screen Artificially

You might be able to improve the screen latency with a third-party app for displays that are only partially functional. A simple app called Touch Screen Repair adjusts the screen’s calibration to speed up response times. The app requires you to tap the touch screen repeatedly in several different locations. It then artificially reduces the latency as much as it can depending on your phone’s internals.

Water Accident? Leave It Dry

Understanding the distinction between waterproof and water-resistant is crucial. If you leave your phone on after a water accident, the internal components could sustain long-term damage. Therefore, in such circumstances, turning off the device and waiting for it to dry is the best course of action. Unbelievable as it may seem, soaking your phone in rice is one of the best ways to dry it out after accidentally submerging it in water.

If Everything Else Fails, Go to a Service Centre

If it’s just a software bug, you might be able to restore your phone’s touchscreen with the help of these potential fixes. If not, you can get a temporary workaround by using the aforementioned apps. You must go to a service center if you need assistance in any other case. If you’re lucky, a specialist will be able to fix the touchscreen, though depending on the device, it might be an expensive fix. If not, you’ll have to think about getting a new phone. You should also check that the other parts of your phone are in good working order to avoid making a second trip to the service center.


There are several possible causes for your Android touchscreen to be inoperative. Your touchscreen issues should now be resolved using one of the solutions listed above. Or you can take professional help from Phone Repair Shops In Hamilton. Evo Repair is a trusted service provider taking care of all your phone problems. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade if everything else fails. Smartphones aren’t built to last. Your daily usage and how you care for your device will determine when it reaches the end of its useful life.

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