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Tips To Fix A Water-Damaged Phone By Experts At Phone Repair Shops In Hamilton

Did you drop your phone in the pool? Or spilled some liquid on it, and now it is not working? Hang on before sweating a bucket over it. Try these tested tips suggested by experts at phone repair shops in Hamilton to make your phone function again. 

It is really terrifying to see your phone drown in water, but what’s done is done and cannot be reverted back. However, the way you handle the situation matters a lot in whether your phone will be able to function back normally or not. We at Evo Repairs have a team of expert technicians who can fix a wide range of issues when it comes to smartphones. Whether it is your battery that is causing problems or the phone speakers, you can come to us to fix any issue related to your smartphone. If you would like to have a look at the services offered by us, you may visit the link

Now moving back to how to save your water-damaged phone. Whenever some unforeseen event happens, and we drop our phone to the floor in the water, it is natural for us to press several buttons to see if it is still working. But this is highly not recommended by the experts of smartphone repair in Hamilton. In this article, we will look at the things we shall and shall not do when it comes to water-damaged phones so that you can make your phone work smoothly again. 

What To Do When You Drop Your Phone In Water? Explained By Experts At Phone Repair Shops In Hamilton

Although most modern phones now come with a water-resistant feature, not all phones are designed to handle water damage. However, if you take the steps mentioned below carefully, you may be able to save your water-damaged phone, plus, read more about the services offered by phone repair shops.

Take The Phone Out Of the Water As Soon As Possible

You must take your phone out of the water immediately. If you leave it in the water for too long, the chances of saving it lessen. Therefore, whenever you drop your phone into the water, you must ensure you take it out of the water as soon as possible and turn it off immediately.

You must turn it off even if it is turned on and seems to be working completely fine. 

Do Not Turn On The Phone While It Is Still Wet

Another thing that is highly recommended by professionals is to not turn on the phone while it is still wet. As mentioned previously, it is a common habit to press several buttons on the phone to see if it is still working fine. But this is not what the experts recommend. Pressing several buttons on your phone may cause the water to push farther into the device and cause more damage to it. Hence, what’s best is that you shall turn it off and not turn it on until you believe that the water has been completely dried. 

You must not also plug in the charger while your phone is wet and turned off. As the water must have probably obstructed the main board of the phone, and plugging in the charger can further worsen the condition. Other things that are not recommended are that you shall not shake your phone too much and must not use a blow dryer in order to dry the water quickly, as the hot air from the dryer may push the water further into the device and may even cause damage to the delicate components of your phone. 

Remove All The Accessories

You shall remove all the accessories from your phone, such as the Hardcase, protector, etc., and leave it in a room temperature environment to let it dry completely. You may even place it in front of a fan to dry the water fast. However, you must not use a blow dryer as it causes worsen the condition further. 

Get Help From The Professionals

Once you have taken the steps mentioned above and believe that your phone has been dried completely, you may try to turn it on. However, if your phone is still not working, you must take it to a professional to get it inspected, diagnosed, and fixed. 

These were the tips suggested by the professionals at phone repair shops in Hamilton to make your water-damaged phone work again. If you would like to get your phone fixed by us, you may contact us to book an appointment or visit our website for more information.

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